Host a Peer Group

Offer a new service to existing clients

Offer access to peer groups for business owners seeking to grow and to address issues through the value of peer groups.  Your office hosts the group, we facilitate the meetings, your customers pay the fees.

Reach out to potential new clients

Attract potential new clients through the promotion of a new service and the surrounding publicity.

No cost to your business

Business owners make the time and financial commitment to ensure buy-in to the process.  You can subsidize the cost or pass it along.  Group is run under your business name, not ours.

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Is my organization a good fit for this service?

This service is geared toward government and non-profit entities that work to support the business community in their region, or for commercial banks, accounting firms and other businesses that have business owners as their customers.  Our service area currently covers all of Western Wisconsin.

How does it work?

If your organization can see the value in offering CEO Peer Group meetings to your business owner customers, then let us help you get it going!  You invite your customers to learn more about the service and decide if it's right for them.  You market and promote the group under your organization.  We provide all the information about the value of peer groups to you and the business owners.  Then we serve as the peer group facilitators under the banner of your organization.  We are licensed peer group facilitators through the non-profit Edward Lowe Foundation's PeerSpectives program, and passionate about helping businesses grow through this proven protocol!

What does it cost?

The business owners pay to be a part of the group, with an annual fee that varies based on the size of the business.  This fee covers the monthly meeting facilitation and costs such as room rental, snacks, materials etc.  This fee helps to ensure the commitment of the business owners to the monthly meetings.  Their fee covers our expenses so that there is no cost to your organization.  But you can choose to subsidize a portion of the cost or charge a different fee.  We can work with you to determine the best option for you and your client base. 

Which business owners are good candidates?

CEO Peer Groups through our program are offered to business owners in three different stages of growth.  Early Stage is for budding entrepreneurs eager to work with other like-minded business owners seeking growth, typically under $500k in annual revenue with 0-2 employees.  First Stage is for growing businesses with 3-9 employees and between $500k and $1 million in revenue, and Second Stage is for businesses with 10-99 employees and $1-$50 million in revenue.  Groups range in size from 6-15, but ideally 8-10 members.  Group members must be from non-competing, and ideally non-referring businesses.  The greater the diversity in the group the better!

What are the benefits to me and to the business owners?

Your organization benefits by offering a valuable service that helps your business clients feel more confident as they work to grow their business in your region.  You don't need to hire an employee or take on the cost of the licensing and training for the PeerSpectives program, as we provide the peer group facilitation for the group through your organization.  And your organization has a new service to promote that supports your client base!

Business owners benefit by participating in a process that can improve leadership skills, sharpen decision-making ability and build lasting relationships with peers.  Participants said they value roundtables for helping them produce better decisions and acton plans, affirm what they're doing right and identify what they need to improve.  They also develop trusted relationships to share both business and personal issues.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us to learn more about how this service might work to support your customer base.