Early Stage

Do I qualify as an Early Stage owner?

Early stage business owners are either in the start-up phase or in the first year of business.  

The benefits of participating in a Sounding Board group for Early Stage Businesses include:

  • Accountability to make forward business progress
  • Support from similar stage business owners
  • Guest speakers on topics of interest as selected from your peer group
  • Coaching/mentoring services to keep you on task between meetings
  • Full confidentiality among all members to allow everyone to speak freely about real issues facing your business

What is involved?

  • Six 3-hour meetings per year (every other month)
  • Six one-on-one coaching sessions (alternating months)
  • Groups of 6-12 non-competing business owners
  • A commitment to the success of your business and of the businesses in your group

Learn More

Groups are being formed now for Early Stage Business owners.  Interested in learning more?  Contact us to find out when the next information session will be held with other Early Stage business owners.

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