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Sounding Board Groups

Early Stage


Early stage entrepreneurs are in the midst of launching a new business or have been in business for under a year with fewer than 3 employees.

First Stage


First business owners have less than 10 employees and have been in business for over a year.  Eligible owners show great potential for future growth.

Second Stage


Second stage businesses have between 10 and 100 employees and are looking for new ways to grow.  There is great potential here for a peer group to share experiences to aid in growth.

Benefits of Peer Groups


Peer groups have been shown to accelerate business growth and serve as a source of support for small business owners.  Check out these case studies from PeerSpectives peer group members to learn more.

The PeerSpectives Program


Sounding Board Groups are licensed by the Edward Lowe Foundation to use PeerSpectives Roundtable System.  Learn more about it!

Your Licensed Facilitators


Kelly Berry and Beth Crowell are licensed PeerSpectives facilitators through ResourceAbility and able to support all three stages of groups across Western Wisconsin.

Interested in Women Only Peer Groups?

The same peer group facilitators who run Sounding Board Groups also run women-only groups through Western Wisconsin Women's Business Center.  If you are interested in Women's CEO Roundtables through the Women's Business Center, click on the button below to be taken to their website.

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About Us

Kelly Berry


Kelly is the co-owner of ResourceAbility, LLC.  She has been working with entrepreneurs and second stage businesses for over 10 years.   She holds a certification as a Market Research Specialist with the National Center for Economic Gardening and works with both the National Center and the Wisconsin Center for Business Intelligence as a market researcher.  In addition to market research consulting, Kelly also teaches in the MBA program through the UWEC MBA Consortium and facilitates the Entrepreneurial Training Program through the Small Business Development Center.  Kelly was recognized as the Business Woman of the Year in 2018 by the Western Dairyland Women's Business Center. She serves as a Board member for two non-profit organizations.

Beth Crowell


 Beth Crowell is the founder and owner of Current Coaching LLC, a life coaching business for entrepreneurs and relationships.  She has almost fifteen years of experience supporting entrepreneurship and business growth as a fund manager for a regional business revolving loan fund and loan officer at a community bank in Eau Claire. Beth has completed training through the WholeBeing Institute’s Positive Psychology Coaching program, is a certified Financial Coach through the United Way, and is a Certified Economic Development Finance Professional. Beth was recognized as the Business Woman of the Year in 2017 by the Western Dairyland Women's Business Center, and serves as a board member supporting economic development and female entrepreneurship in the community.

About Peerspectives

From Edward Lowe Foundation:

"PeerSpectives sets itself apart from other CEO roundtables with its methodology. Procedures are in place to help the group focus on identifying and processing an entrepreneur’s core issue. The protocol ensures a balanced discussion that is not dominated by any one topic or individual. Perhaps even more important, the PeerSpectives system emphasizes the sharing of experiences rather than advice giving."

"For the head of a company, it’s not always appropriate to take issues to family members, boards or even a business adviser. Being part of a PeerSpectives roundtable gives the overburdened entrepreneur an outlet to rely on supportive peers, who are either 'living it' or already 'been there, done that.'"

How does it work?

Check out this short video to learn more about the PeerSpectives program.

Or this testimonial from a peer group member.

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Do you think a peer group could help you grow your business?  Want to learn more?  Get in touch!

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Contact us to see if there are openings in any of the three group types!  Or check our RSVP page for information on any upcoming Information Sessions and the Host page if you're interested in hosting your own group through your organization.

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